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2018 AMDO Board

I spoke with them and the AMDO OCM about the 2807-2 and they said because of the confusion they are still pushing the packages through to the board. However, he said if you are selected you will have to get the form completed prior to going to OCS. The form used to be for civilians, but they are requiring active duty personnel to complete it now as well. A lot of the medical facilities are unaware of this, so they may think it is still required for civilians. My DOC called and verified that it will be needed in the future for active duty OCS applicants. Good luck to everyone!


Blue Angels Command LPO (Frontman)
Under 10 days until the board. Anticipation is rough, also there are way more applicants than the previous three boards. Good luck everyone!


Blue Angels Command LPO (Frontman)
Last year there was around 70 applicants. From what I'm hearing there is a little shy of double that this year. Nothing concrete though.
Wow! That’s a lot of applicants. Hopefully the quota goes up this year (wishful thinking). I expected more traffic on this forum considering it’s once a year.


Blue Angels Command LPO (Frontman)
@grays357 I spoke with the OCM on the topic. He said you do not need a waiver with your application. If you are pro-rec Y then he will grant the TIS waiver at that time. He told me once we finished this conversation to not in my application, in the comments block, the date and time I spoke with him in reference to a TIS waiver in professionally recommended.
Board convenes tomorrow. Fingers crossed! Good luck to everyone!
Crazy to think it's finally upon us. Best of luck to everyone. I can safely say that if I don't get selected I can keep my head held high and know that the competition was just that good! From what I see in this thread the board has their work cut out for them. Can't wait to see the final list!