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17 Sept 2018 IWC DCO Board

:: I apologize for the drop off ::

To continue; I chose this thread because the March board was mentioned earlier, and I would like to see if any current applicants, or September selectees have gone through moved deadlines.
https://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-...ocuments/FY19 Board Schedule Final-Rev 2.xlsx

22FEB package deadline to the board. Each NRD/processor might have a deadline a week or month ahead of that so they can do an audit of it before they send it to millington. 03DEC seems early. Do you have your interviews done? OIC of the region and panel interviews? MEPS?

to answer your question - ive had every scenario of date change, point of contact change, rules change, last minute changes, interview time/date change that you can imagine through this process. I just tried to take my lumps and adapt and overcome every time. I'm not sure if I should have been more assertive or not - but in the end - I survived. A lot of these changes are from recruiters missing details, some are from last minute changes from their command, or last minute changes to the policies of the package process. It is a fluid process for sure.
anyone gained and for sure drilling in JAN?!
Not gained or sworn in - Selected the same board (17 Sept 2018) for 1835 but I'm an enlisted intel spec reservist waiting on the approval of release from my enlistment. I suspect things will move very quickly for me once I obtain the release from enlistment. I have to keep drilling until I'm released and there should be no break between my release and next drill once commissioned (not supposed to have any break in service).

Hang in there! The waiting can really drive you crazy with this stuff if you let it get to you. You want to plan, make moves, and everything is on hold. I find when I keep the big picture in mind, the few months of limbo isn't so bad. Easy for me to say, because I have some hindsight with how it unfolds as I'm currently a reservist with nearly 9 years in. If I make it to the end of February, I would be eligible for a third good conduct medal. A piece of me would be willing to wait to get that, though its really silly at this point and does me no good to wait to obtain it. It provides a bit more sea cred and mustang status.

I'll stay tuned and chime in if I get any updates. Looking forward to learning about how things go for you all.

I drill this weekend - doubt I'll commission before that, but it sounds like the release should be completed before I would drill in February - based on recruiter discussions. I was surprised how far up the chain the release has to go. Intel is tough to get out of - so job security it there on the enlisted side.

I've found intel to be Officer heavy - not sure the need is the same on that side of the house, but for sure - Intel Officers do most on the IA Deployments for the Navy Intel side of things from where I sit in the world.
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Hi All,

I need your advice. I was selected as an Intel Officer from the FY18 board, but I have not made a lot of traction. I've been out of the country for my primary job and was just instructed that I need a commissioning physical when i returned 2 weeks ago. I'm currently waiting for the MEPS office to contact me to have that conducted as I have already submitted paperwork.

From your experience, how long will it take for me to take oath and be gained to a unit after that happens? Has anyone had to get a physical? Btw, my recruiter does not know about this process whatsoever as I am the first from his cadre to be selected! It is fair to mention that I also live in a totally different city than my recruiter.

Please help!!!

Thank you so much!!!
Are you currently serving? I thought MEPs was required as part of the DCO package now. I would say you would have the same wait that all of us had - roughly 3 months. Your recruiter will send your MEPS letter, selection, and a couple other docs to start the scroll process to get your Oath. Most of us on here got selected 17SEP and got our Oath end of NOV or beginning of DEC then we are getting gained by our units in JAN or FEB.

for short - I believe you will follow the same process but you just haven't started the process yet because you don't have your N3M yet.
Geesh. It sounds like i'm severely behind. I have been out of the navy for awhile now and reapplied and got selected. Thanks for the information, but it's a little disappointing considering I was notified of selection in september.

I will do my best to get the ball rolling thanks to your guidance!
Just got a call from my NOSC...my recruiter still hasn't provided my paperwork to get me gained. Looks like I will have to wait until Feb. Best of luck to those who start tomorrow!
Hang in there - I talked with my recruiter yesterday too. I'm enlisted intel reserve currently but I selected the same board.

Works differently for me, but I still wait. Takes four signatures to be released from my enlistment, then I commission. Got the 3rd yesterday. One more Admiral to go - we sent out for it yesterday. Once I've got the fourth one, all goes to PERS (big navy stuff) and I'm in.

Its starting to move quickly for me now too. Based on some stuff I'm seeing - looks like it just starts to move for the group over the course of a few months. Some sooner, some later. I bet you'll be moving forward by February or March too.

Good luck!
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