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is clara ship
F minus? The last time I got an F minus was back in college when I took Fluid Mechanics 1 for the second time.
I remember my fluids mid term. I had like a 25%. Turns out the curve peaked at approx 15%. Got a B+ and that was like the turning point of continuing in mech E. During the test, my pencil ran out of lead and I took almost the whole F-ing thing in pen. That was such a disaster.....I can't even imagine how I passed an ENGR exam in pen lol.


Powers By Name, Powers By Reputation
I just got a C in stats. I pulled an 86 average on quizzes but the professor was just awful in terms of helping you out. I tried office hours but he didn't really wanna help.


is clara ship
Wait, so was it a B+ or a F-? Regardless of writing instrument?
Final grade in class was an A- or something I believe.....grade for said midterm was a B+, though numerically one would never know. Love that bell curve brah :)


Yeah, who in their right mind would want to fly the largest plane in the Navy’s inventory while in the process gaining heavy multi engine PIC? That’s not valuable on the outside is it? Air refueling is fun. Not deploying on a boat is fun. Per Diem is fun. Yeah, sounds really terrible
So you're saying that the only real benefits of your job are that it prepares you for another? Sounds satisfying.
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Fluid Mechanics 1
ENGR exam
Physics C

Where the hell did you guys go to school?

I studied the following...

Old Stuff
Really Old Stuff
Thinking About Old Stuff
Writing About Old Stuff

Oh, and just because someone else brought it up...