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USN When did Whiting Field get ILS?


Land of the rising sun. Literally. There's no DST!
2 weeks ago, I had a student who needed a no gyro PAR. After one "turn left" command, I let it go for a bit and then queried "Still want us turning left?" "121, I lost you off our scope. State intentions."
I so badly wanted to say "good thing this isn't real!"

Alas - today's PAR was TOP notch. I gave some BZ's to the controller at the end of that one.

Randy Daytona

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Wow, perusing Foreflight and what do I find, but an ILS into KNDZ! That's awesome!

When did this happen?

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Couple of tricky things with the approach:
1) is that with only 1 VOR/Tacan receiver, you have to switch the receiver from Tacan to ILS over the top (the GPS is only legal to use navaids pre-loaded and thus you can not use the Santa Rosa tacan fix in the GPS - maybe this has changed since I left).
2) As mentioned, Eglin owns the nearby airspace and that is the reason you have to cancel IFR and go VFR in inclement weather - must have IFR separation criteria.)