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What to send a deployed spouse?


Nihongo dame desu
I watched the first 4 minutes of Teeth (available instantly from netflix). Wow. Just wow. Let's just say there were 2 little kids in a plastic kiddie pool, playing doctor, and it ended badly for one of them. That's as much as I could take.


Whateva! I do what I want!
Super Moderator
This thread reminds me of the Red Hot Catholic Love South Park episode: "The Gelgamech vagina is two feet wide and lined with razor sharp teeth; do you honestly expect us to have sex with that!?"


IP wife
My husband loved getting.....
cereal bars,
granola bars,
crystal light packs to put in his water,
beef jerky,
Season series of TV on DVD,
cereal (he liked his own, he said the good ones were always gone),
spices (to add flavor to food),
hot sauce (better stuff than tobasco),
coffee packets (starbucks has coffee packets for hot/cold water)