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Tuition Assistance for Spouses

The Renegade

Sending this for info regarding the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Program (MSCAAP)which was announced by Military OneSource in mid March.

MSCAAP provides up to $6000 for spouses of active duty military to receive training and education that leads to a certificate, licensure or completion of a college degree in a portable career field. Members must have a minimum of one year remaining on the current active duty commitment to be eligible and is applicable for spouses of Reserves called to active duty.

This is a DoD program but the Services are not a part of resourcing or execution. Interested spouses will apply on line through Military OneSource and receive counseling on line. Checks will be issued by Military OneSource. The link for the program is https://aiportal.acc.af.mil/mycaa

Hope this helps some of our spouses.


Well-Known Member
I have a friend in Milton who is taking advantage of this for personal training, the program is definitely going on and she's gotten the full $6000 for the training programs she's doing. For those looking for a more portable career this is something to check out.
Heh, just hoping that a nice spouse in the spouse's corner could give the inside scoop on the program. I checked out the site, but it's always nice to get information from people going through stuff like that.


Lost in the machine
My wife took advantage of it a few years ago to finish up her degree, if you can get through the administrative stuff it's worth it. She had issues getting through the web site but found out that just calling them on the phone and having someone help guide her through the process was very helpful.

Better sooner than later though, I'm betting this program will go away very soon if it hasn't already with the budget cuts.