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The Perennial Question: Corpus or Whiting?


DD-214 in hand and I'm gonna party like it's 1998
There's a reason they call it Exciting Corpus and Crappy Whiting.... crap, I screwed up the joke.


Coming up on decision time ...

Curious to hear input from been-there-done-thats.
If you want a better shot at getting a fixed wing slot when PCS funding starts to become scarce... Corpus... if you want a better shot at getting helos under similar circumstances, Whiting.


Poseidon Driver
Coming up on decision time ...

Curious to hear input from been-there-done-thats.
It also depends on how long you want to finish. I'm in Corpus now, showed up June, 28 2017 and started ground school August 28. And I should be selecting this Thursday. It took me close to a year to get through primary! Half of the people in the student ready room have training times of 40-50 weeks. The standard is 26-30 for reference. But how you ask?

The big kicker for everyone was weather. If you're in contacts between December through February, it's going to be bad. The ceilings were so low this past year, I did my first check ride on January 31st, but didn't do my solo until March 7!

Also for comparison, my roommate from API started API 2 weeks after me and selected before I finished contacts in Corpus. Just know you're probably going to have a longer time to train here in Corpus than in Whiting. People are getting Jets from each Wing, so don't buy too much into the notion one wing better than the other for jets. If you do well, you'll make your own luck.