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STA-21 Application

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The STA-21 Program application:

Ok, several people have been pm’ing me regarding applications for the STA-21 program. So, instead of replying to 5 different people about the same program I’m going to just write up a summary from what I did.

First: Take care of the single point requirement items. These are the items that require specific scores to even apply. The SAT/ACT would be the first item on the list that I would concentrate on. Take the test as soon as possible. This will allow ample time to take the test again if necessary. Be sure to study for the test! There are many study guides out there for the SAT/ACT, I would recommend the Princeton Review. Also, if you are planning on applying for either the pilot or nfo option then take the ASTB as well. Again, look at the gouge on this site and study up prior to taking this test. This again will allow you retake the test if you feel you can get better scores.

While waiting for test results start gathering all of the other required documentation. High School transcripts, college transcripts, smart transcripts letters of recommendation from prior divo’s or CO’s if applicable. Also, start working on your personal letter. Have anyone who has gone down a similar path for a commission take a look at it and get their inputs. Remember however, this is YOUR statement and should reflect your reasons for wanting to be an officer first! If you are trying for an option remember that above all you are trying for a commission first and an option a second reason.

Beyond this things may differ at your command. When I had my application I wrote a sample letter of recommendation for the CO and it was pretty much followed to the letter. A few extra remarks were changed and worded for a stronger endorsement but it was very similar to what I had submitted. Also, start arranging for your boards NOW! Nothing shows someone is unprepared like trying to set up a review board with a separate command one or two weeks prior to the deadline. Keep in mind it is fine to setup up review boards for June just do not wait until June to do it.

Also, one thing I did and I’m sure it didn’t hurt was send my package to my Congressman requesting an endorsement. In the request I summarized what the program was, why I am applying and what I felt would make me a good officer.

After all this is done you should have your package pretty much done. Remember to check up on everything. If you have to go through a NC1 make sure you are asking about various statuses on a regular basis (not every day mind you but make sure you do not let him drop the ball) after all it is your application.

One of the common questions I keep getting is “what makes a competitive package?” Well I think there are many variables to this question but, I think the main ones are your personal statement and the CO’s recommendation. Those are followed closely by your interviews. Also, how much college do you have already and how well did you do in them plays a factor as well. Again, these are my opinions based on my experience. If you have any other questions that this doesn’t cover let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

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