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Recruiter said only 3 month wait after LASIK?


Hey all,

So I just took the ASTB today and am scheduled to get LASIK next Friday, and when speaking with my officer recruiter he said that there is now just a 3 month wait after getting LASIK to go through MEPS / apply to OCS so long as you have reports from your surgeon every 30 days, and said that this a new rule. I thought it was a 6 month wait, as it says on the current NAMI waiver guide. Is he right that this is the case, or is it still a 6 month wait? Thanks
I just went to MEPS last week after my LASIK wait period and the doctor specifically looked for documentation that it had been six months. Its always possible that something just changed or my MEPS was not up to date. Good luck to you.


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He's wrong! There was a new instruction signed yesterday. It's now a 60-month wait after having LASIK. 30-month wait for PRK.

-Some random dude on the internet


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crj021, Here's your first military lesson. Trust but verify. I usually tell people I'm from Missouri, the SHOW ME state. Then I ask them to show me (or give me) the reference, so I can see it first hand. Lesson learned, now move on. :D