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Recently Acquired a Section of Arresting Wire


Plan “A” Retired
Your welcome, they make great memorable items for aircrew.

I have a TDM from an ejection seat that I had armed with my lead seal crimp, ECMO-2 Airforce captain ejected with, “Thanks for the flight” with his name signed on it.

I cherish this more than my Chief charge book.😉


Plan “A” Retired
This could easily turn into a “what’s the cool stuff from work you’ve acquired from the trash bin”, but that also might get people into trouble...
Well if arresting gear wire sections, and a TDM that my CO authorized me to have gets people in trouble, theirs going to be a lot of people going down.

Just think of all the tailhooks on aviators walls. The Navy will run out of top leadership real soon. 🤔