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Questions regarding ways to get bachelor degree in flight, and also what schools do you think is best to go to in Virginia and more....

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So as you have read in the title, I am looking to go to school to get a bachelors in flight, because I hear that that is a really great way to get ahead of the game when trying to get in with a fighter pilot slot in mind; I also realize that the needs of the Airforce come before my desires. I have done research and found that Liberty University offers both AFROTC and Flight Training and that would knock out two birds with one stone; especially when it comes to staying in state, which is Virginia for me. Now I also know that the Langley Airforce Base is also in Virginia and that I could enlist and then go to school. My dilemma is this, I was told that to enlist and then go to school is probably not as good of a path as to go to school and then go and apply to be an Airforce pilot. I also realize that you might actually have a better knowledge of whether or not there are more and better schools in Virginia or elsewhere for good tuition prices. I know of schools outside of my state but I am one with very little income as I am in a School of Discipleship right now and cannot work because it is a full-time program. Also, I am not sure yet if Liberty University will accept a diploma from this school and then that way I could cut off a year from my graduation year.

My question is, do you know of any flight schools with lower cost for tuition and still have good quality training and also has an AFROTC program? Also, with that in mind, is there a possibility you could tell me if enlisting then going to school is better or is going to school better doing it first off and will they pay for my previous tuition costs? I hear that you have to wait a year before they allow you to go to school with them paying for your tuition and room and board. I know they would allow you to be on base, but I mean, if that means a year before I go to college or the university, then I probably should just go to school correct?

Also is it true that they changed the age requirements for getting into the Airforce and Navy? C.W. Lemoine an Airforce Pilot said that a friend currently in recruiting said that they change all that, and that now when we are approaching the last year of our ROTC program, we can talk with the squadron of our choice and try to rush them or get them to accept us into the squadron; now is this news to you or is this true? I am 25 and he said that they moved the age from 31 years old at max to join to 33 years old and 35 with waivers. Up to 32 for the Navy.

I'm terribly excited to start on this education and this path, as this is how I believe I am being led to go. I have done a semester of Mechanical Engineering but could not complete based on income and I should have gone full time cause I didn't do the best. I then went to CDS Tractor Trailer training and got my CDL and drove for 5 months. I then came to the School of Discipleship where I have been for the last year. I worked at Lowes for 9 month period too, before coming to the School of Discipleship. Sometimes it takes me longer also, to catch on things but usually when I get something, I have it down.

I am going to go on Airforce.com and look around there too and see what I find, but I also want to know how to search for squadrons near me and in my state, do you know how to do that?

Thank you so much for your answers, advice and wisdom! God bless you all!

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Flight/pilot degrees are worthless in the civilian world and the military) other than saying you have a degree).

That was a long post full of so much misinformation.

BTW this is a site for Naval Aviation.... Air Farce is at Baseops.something


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Not certain what they are teaching you in Corry, Pennsylvania, but WELCOME to Air Warriors. If you are interested in Naval Aviation, take some time to search the site. Many of your questions have been answered multiple times. As @HAL Pilot said, head over to Base Ops for Air Force stuff.

BTW, you seem to be all over the place with your diverse track record.....you might want to focus on what's truly important to you.
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