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Progress with the Armstrong Program


Week 13: 12 pull-ups

I usually do them wide grip. I brought it in a little bit today. Either way, I'm that much closer to 20. I'm extra fired up after finally talking with a staff member at the officer selection office last Tuesday, I had always put it off cause I would start school and then get dropped due to money problems. Now that starbucks is paying though I have nothing in the way. He stressed how important it was for me to get that pft as close to 300 as possible. Informed me of how competitive selection is, but he did mention that I'm at a huge advantage for applying as a freshman. Told me that if I bust my ass, I have a shot at making it to OCS. Hearing someone I aspire to be say that in person, face to face has really made me feel like this isn't some bullshit dream anymore. It's actually doable if I give everything I've got. Thanks to everyone on this site. I felt pretty prepared for the Q&A I had. Dressed like a boy scout (black polo, shorts that looked like slacks, combed hair) brought my planner that I had written down questions in. Got invited to a PT event with them next month. I'm going, but I'm pretty worried I'll be at the back of the pack. Whatever, more motivation I guess


Week 14: 11 pull-ups
Bought a weighted vest the other day. I'll be using it every day aside from Monday. Hopefully it gets me out of this plateau.


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For this program are you doing your max each day or do you only do your max once a week? For example week 14, did you do 11 pull ups each day?


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Don't the Marines get guys to 20 in like 12 weeks of boot camp? You should try their program.


Took last week off. And today I did 12 pull ups. I've decided to scrap the pull-up program. I'm gonna start going to my friends gym and work out my shoulders. I'll still be doing pull-ups everyday though of course. I just think lat pull downs and shoulder press will help.