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Plantar Fasciitis


New Member
Im pretty sure even if i took time off, let it heal, it would come back a week or two into ocs. Good news is I tried some taping methods with athletic tape and it has made a huge difference. Highly recommend this, try a couple different methods to see which works best for you. If i do this in the morning before pt, pop a motrin before lunch and ice in the evenings I doubt I will have any problems. I did a huge 4 hour workout yesterday (repeat miles, calisthenics, 4 mile hump, stretch) and my foot felt pretty normal this morning. Normal meaning soar and achey but nothing too bad. Ill just grit it out. I had this for most of my college cross coutnry and track career so I think I can cope. Though I did have a athletic training staff and was not on my feet 16 hours a day like I suspect OCS will be.

You think if I show up, run a 300 pft, and complete all graded events adequatley; I can sorta limp through some of the filler days/events?