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Pentagon To Retire USS Truman Early, Shrinking Carrier Fleet To 10


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That's the headline being reported in the local news this morning referencing an article written yesterday on Breaking Defense. Just about made me spit my coffee out this morning.

"WASHINGTON: Amidst rising anxiety over whether the US Navy’s thousand-foot-long flagships could evade Chinese missiles in a future war, the Pentagon has decided to cut the aircraft carrier fleet from 11 todayto 10.
By retiring the Nimitz-class supercarrier USS Truman at least two decades early, rather than refueling its nuclear reactor core in 2024 as planned, the military would save tens of billions on overhaul and operations costs that it could invest in other priorities. But the proposal, part of the 2020-2024 budget plan due out mid-March, is sure to inspire outrage on Capitol Hill."

You can read this rest here: https://breakingdefense.com/2019/02/pentagon-to-retire-uss-truman-early-shrinking-carrier-fleet-to-10/


Leeroy Jenkins
The Navy likes this scare tactic when they want to startle money out of Congress. We’ve learned from the Air Force. Threaten to axe something politically popular.

....because $700B isn’t enough?

When has the DoD ever not asked Congress for more money? and when has Congress ever listened to exactly what the DoD needs/wants?



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I’m sure the requirements won’t decrease, though, since that would take someone with lots of stars putting their neck on the block.

We’ll just run the ones left over harder and put them up wet. Then we will be shocked, shocked I say, when 18 months of yard work can’t get done in 7.

I will be surprised to see a Navy of any appreciable strength by the time I’m in my 60s. We are going to burn our force out using multi-billion dollar machines to eradicate foes who haven’t mastered using toilet paper.


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What would that navy look like?

A Navy that still gives the President the option to control the sea lanes and project power ashore.

Regardless of what the wunderkinds think, the ability to launch a strike that will cover troops on the ground requires a flat top that is big enough to put enough gas and warheads overhead. That requires the ability to protect it in contested waters.

Build your requirements around that based on whatever tech you think will exist in 30-50 years. Drone carriers will still require some sort of AA protection, and there will still be guys in metal tubes underwater protecting it from the other side's subs and unmanned underwater vehicles.

If we can't project enough firepower, gas, bullets, and beans ashore to protect guys taking land from the enemy du jour, then we might as well mothball the fleet and hope the Air Force can figure out how to launch Cap Troopers from corvettes in space.


Livin' On the Right Side of the River From Pags!
Some mix of seagoing drone ships, drone carriers, and subs with people in them.

(that's as reasonable as any other 30-40 year forecast)
The drone carriers will carry the drone subs.