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O Club at NASP


DD-214 in hand and I'm gonna party like it's 1998
The new North Whiting PR shop got built about six years ago after the construction crews dug the hole for it, filled it back in, and dug it again about three or four times in the summer of 2012. There is also a super lineshack currently under construction. A couple of the old lineshacks got sacrificed to the construction gods to make room for the super shack.

Of course, the HTs are still plodding along with the same buildings as they have for last ten years (really 20-30 if you don't count the building where HT-28 got put, which is inconveniently close to nothing on the flight line).

The north field aircraft shelters... now those are a shining example of gub'mint contract infrastructure at its finest. TINS. They were originally pork barreled earmarked in the budget back in 2009 (FY10 budget I think). Before that, somebody doing the Navy postgrad EMBA program figured out you don't have to repaint airplanes as often if you park in the shade instead of the Florida sun. That turned into a good case to invest money in shelters. Around 2012 or so, a couple rows of those shelters went up on the western flight line. The control tower guys soon noticed their view of a couple taxiways was now blocked and would get a lot worse once the third and fourth rows were up. Nobody thought to specify a maximum height in the contract! So the existing shelters got disassembled and the pieces left there for about a year. Solution: chop a few feet out of the middle of the posts weld the pieces back together, and build a different, shorter model structure for the other rows. I don't know if there's been any progress on the north flight line. The last time I was up that way was to get my blue ID card.

Reader's Digest Humor in Uniform moment: One rainy day a few years ago, a few of us were BS-ing about on base construction projects. I cleverly quipped how the original buildings were made to last and that some Germans had built them for us with very good labor rates about 75 years ago. A flight student nodded his head and innocently commented how nice that was of them. A good student of flight but perhaps not a good student of history, or maybe he was just temporarily afflicted with low SA syndrome that happens to all SNAs (don't kid yourself, we've all been there...).


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No more line shacks?!
They’re gone. Briefing spaces are in the south hangar right now.

Like jimbo said, the PR shop took forever to build. At least they put a bunch of tvs with nothing on them in it.

VT-3 still has two floors for their spaces across the street. 6 and 2 still split one floor on the building next to it. Because DOD.