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Number of words to a personal statement for OCS/CO letter


New Member
I will apologize ahead of time if this post seems redundant, but I have received so much advice on my personal statement that it seems overwhelming...Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.
Currently my personal statement is 650 words long (about 4 short paragraphs). One of my ship mates that was recently picked up for SWO stated that she wrote two 250 word paragraphs. I did not see a min or max word count for this on the OPTNAVINST 1420 CHP 4 direction for OCS.
I also have yet to obtain a recommendation letter from my CO; as I have just submitted a special request chit asking for permission to apply. The Warrant Officer on board recommended I write the letter (CO recommendation) and have the CO sign. How would I go about doing this? Any advice on how to write this letter of recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)


The application states the word count is 200-250 per section, personal and core values. Mine was 249 words I wrote what I wanted to say and then chopped it down to what it needed to say.

Yes you write the CO recommendation and he reviews makes changes or chops then signs. Normally you reach out to admin for previous submissions for ideas and examples.