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New CNO? (Take 2)


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There is (in and outside of the teams) a strong divide on what people believe happened . . . despite the verdict.
Color me dumb. I just realized the infamous SEAL trial that just wrapped up is what he was talking about. I didn't put two and two together; I was thinking Ghallager was some other inside the Pentagon story of things gone awry.

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I’m glad he walked, since the three-ring circus NCIS and the prosecution team built was an embarrassment. But that he walked without any big-ticket conviction is a deeper embarrassment.


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Sounds like they should have just done kinda like a reality show of that Christmas party, followed this guy around with a camera for a couple hours, and just edited that to make the "don't haze people/don't rape people" GMT.

P.S. *altar (like hangar/hanger #homonymlivesmatter)


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Youve got a record of saying stupid things but this definitely has set the bar on that.
Really? So you think anything in the ucmj should be able to be done at NJP?

What about murder? If there is insufficient evidence should NJP for that be considered?

What I’m saying is on the most serious of accusations the most stringent legal code should be applied. Not the whims of a commanding officer.

While active I had seen plenty of times where there was more than a reasonable doubt that someone did something. To label someone a sexual predator or a murderer should not be reserved for the judgement of one person, rather a jury of peers.


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NJP for a “sexual assault” would only be done in the case that they don’t have enough evidence to convict at a courts martial.

One can reasonably assume at that point that there is a high chance that the “assault” didn’t happen.

Ergo, any NJP for a sexual assault is likely a commander covering their ass and not being accused later of neglecting an accusation.
This is categorically untrue. Each and every sexual assault case is reviewed by NCIS and JAG as well as elevated to the O-6 SCMCA level for initial disposition. That O-6 SCMCA will receive a copy of the NCIS report and Prosecutorial Merit Review before making a decision whether to refer charges for Court Martial via Article 32 hearing, maintain disposition at their level, or drop it down to the originating Commanding Officer for their disposition.
The paperwork trail that comes with every sexual assault investigation is so robust that there is virtually no chance of a CO deciding to take someone to mast for NJP just to "cover their ass". All it would take to avoid that is a Defense Attorney advising the accused to reject NJP in favor of CM in order to avoid that scenario - and make no mistake, Defense Attorneys aren't idiots, they know how to play the game.


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Old story that seems to have an above board process WRT CNO's actions - retained until the investigation is complete, then fired. Am I missing something?