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More spouse questions.

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PLC Jrs 1st Inc. Kilo-3
I have another question for you spouses. I'm looking to Marine SNA, so I have to go to The Basic School then to API. If I'm married, what will my wife do while we're jumping around from Quantico to P-cola and then to all my other flight schools? I thought some of you might have been/be in this situation. Did you, as spouses, have jobs for these short terms that you spent at each base? Thanks to any responses.

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SNA Wife
My father works at a base and he told me, if not mistaken, that military wives usually have priority for base jobs. You might want to check this out before hand. It probably depends on the job. He could be totally off too. That might make transfering easier, but like I said, definately check it out.

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Wish I could help, but I have no idea, I am an OCS girlfriend, who isnt in Pcola with my OC because I am working on my masters degree full time here in Ohio. I wish I could be there! Wish I knew more for you, but I am sure someone who knows alot more than I do will respond! But, for what its worth, I am pretty sure they pay for the move of a spouse, but as for a job? I really dont know. Good Luck, and I am sure it'll work out!


SWO Wife
I would think that substitute teaching would be a good idea, since it is something you do within your own schedule. Didn't you say that your sig other was working towards that type of degree?? It would also give her a bit of experience, and I know in Va at least that the pay is not too shabby, $65 a day.


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EA-6B1 I would suggest that your wife look into contacting a local temp agency if she does not find jobs on base. They can sometimes be very useful sources for short or long term work.


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I believe you said you're not married yet and plan to talk to your girlfriend before you make a commitment to the Corps. Getting some info here for her is a really great idea to help her understand what she could be in for. First, I'll say that I am thoroughly enjoying my time here at Quantico. Of course, every assignment is as good as you make it. The Marine Corps offers all sorts of family team building classes and activities to help people new to the Corps understand how life with a Marine works. AS a matter of fact I will be attending a LINKS (Lifestyle Insight, Networking, Knowledge and Skills) class on Tue and Wed. That's a class for spouses that teaches you how to use all the resources offered by the Corps. I can give some more info after the class if you want it.
As for a job while at TBS at this point I have chosen to stay home with our 6 month old son. But I know several of the other Alpha Co wives have been working. Most of them have jobs off base. Jobs on base are hard to come by and the pay isn't always as competitive. Some of the wives have put their names on the list to substitute teach at the base schools. I think if you really want to work you best to look for a job off the base, at least here in the Quantico area.
Yes, wives get togehter all the time! It's the only way we stay sane. Each company at Tbs usually organizes several activities for spouses so we can all get to know each other. I recomend attending as many as possible. So far I have had a great time at all the events.
If you can I would try to live on base. One, you don't have to come up with deposits or pay utilities and two it's like living in a small town. You get to know all your neighbors and there is always someone around to help you out if you need it. For me, this life is great!
Yes, it will be hard when my husband gets deployed but that is something you just have to accept when you choose this life and yes, he may have to go to war someday and that is scary but it's a price I pay for loving someone who cares about his country. I couldn't ask him not to do it because then he wouldn't be himself. Those times are when it's most important for spouses to know how to use the resources available to them and to have taken the time to get to know the other spouses in the unit. You will all need each others support then. Basically, as a spouse if you get involved you can lead a really fun and full life whether you work or not.
If you or your girlfriend have any more questions that I might be able to answer feel free to e-mail me.


AV-8 Type
My wife worked off base while I was in TBS. Something she did that was real helpful was to sign up for the "class" that Jackson-Hewitt (the tax service) offers each year and work for them during tax season. She also used temp services while there to find a job she would enjoy. Her main priority was to keep busy while I was in training, in order to help pass the time. She didn't have a lot of luck with the spouse functions. She did meet two wives though and spent some time with them. There are lots of jobs in that area if she doesn't mind spending a little time driving (traffic towards DC in the morning and from DC in the evening is HORRIBLE!!). As for P'cola, that's a whole different story. Terrible job market. She majored in accounting so was able to find a job within a couple months, but otherwise little money to be made.

Anyway, I'm rambling, good luck!


PLC Jrs 1st Inc. Kilo-3
Thanks so much E5b-wife. Your posting had a lot of great info in it. I really respect your feelings about your husband and your willingness to compromise for him to serve his country. You look at the situation as not unfair but as of a privelage for you and him, both. I will definetly keep in touch with you over this forum or by email or PM. You've been a great help. Thanks.

P.S. Tell Beetle I said "howdy".

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.


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It's me again! Guess I could have posted the answer to both of your questions at once...oh well.

If she is going to get her degree, that might solve everything as far as the timing goes. She stays put to get her Masters while you do your thing. If she decides to go with you then temp agencies and substitute teaching are good ideas, as have already been mentioned.

My best advice, which is what my husband told me, is that he can never guarantee I will have a job each place we go...and to just be prepared for it! That is Navy life as a spouse. I knew going into this life that my career will always be second to his, but I also know and trust that he considers me and my career in his decisions.

Again, have her email me.

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