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Marine Corps IRR Conditional Release to AF


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Is anyone familiar with the process of going from the IRR to AF Reserves? Long story short, I will be in the IRR by the time I can commission in the AF reserves. I’m wondering if anyone here has routed a conditional release in IRR?


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I've helped a Navy colleague go from SELRES Intel to AF Reserve JAG. Relevant forms and instructions were:
  • SECNAVINST 1000.7F
  • MILPERSMAN 1300-081
  • DD FORM 368, Request for Conditional Release
My friend had to route DD FORM 368 along with whatever form or paperwork that showed he was approved by the Air Force Reserve to our Manpower mothership, PERS. There was a specific routing process that PERS was familiar with.

Hopefully these will help as a starting point.

Advise you speak with the Marine Corps Manpower & Reserve Affairs folks. Phone numbers at the bottom of the page: https://www.manpower.usmc.mil/webcenter/portal/MRAHome


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Not officer, but enlisted I worked a Marine IRR wanting to go Pilot. Took a few days to get the approved 368 back - seems like an easy process.


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I just completed this process from Selected Marine Corps Reserves to Active Duty Navy JAG. I'm a Captain (O-3). Supposedly the DD 368 only needed to be routed to the first CG in the chain of command; but, for whatever reason mine was routed to HQMC for approval. Ultimately it took almost 6 months for mine to be approved as it was kicked back for petty corrections or additional information multiple times. I also had to request mast over some retaliation issues that arose after I expressed interest in switching branches.

When it was all said and done, I got my approved DD 368 with a 6-month window to commission in the Navy. I had to go through MEPS all over again. But the deed is finally done and I couldn't be more relieved.