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Living in Corpus


It's not my lawn. It's OUR lawn.
So I'm still not clear - where do all the grown-ups live in Corpus?
There are really nice homes in almost any section (I did say almost), but I think you'd probably prefer the south end of town on/ near Yorktown and Saratoga road. One of the neighborhoods is called Kings Crossing but I've seen a few different homes around there and you may not get a huge yard (probably a blessing with the summer we've been having) but the homes are new very nice and usually on the cheaper side and biggest reason of all, the neighborhood is clean and nice as well.

Going back for a minute, yes I said Flour Bluff schools are good. I had the same reaction but was countered by a few different IPs who specifically chose where to live just so their kids could go there and apparently it's one of the best schools in the state let alone area (grammar through high school).


Now with even more awesome!
Flour Bluff schools are, in my experience, top notch. To boot, your kids get to go there if you live on the Island.

Most "adults" live in Southside, although I don't know that there's much of anywhere I'd really "walk around" in Corpus. I mean, the Island is safe, but there's not much in walking distance. Everywhere else is either stupidly hot or seedy.


You could always live next to the late Freddy Fender and enjoy a nice dip in his guitar shaped pool...


I was on a RI flight in the GCA box and my instructor got really bored so he drew me a map so I could find it when we were on final. I still got that map around here somewhere...

Edit: I did find the map, and I scanned it ... bored on this labor day...