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Lateral Transfer from SWO to Aviation


Was you still under the age cutoff at the time you did the lateral transfer from SWO to NFO? I am curious if there has been instances where guys have took any job they qualified for and then did a LAT transfer to the job they didn't qualify for at the time of their application due to age or or other reasons.... asking for a friend......;):)
WTF does any of this mean ???

Uncle Fester

Robot Pimp
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@Triumph_MAC not sure what you mean by a job “they didn’t qualify for”. If you’re disqualified from Aviation due to eyesight or something, that won’t change later. If you mean you just weren’t initially selected for it, then yes, that does happen. I don’t know the stats now, but when I did it, SWO-to-Aviation was in the ‘uncommon but not unusual’ category. There were at least two besides me just at VT-10 when I was going through. But I was an ensign at the end of the lean Clinton years; there are a lot more flight billets to go around now.