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Lasik Thread


New Member
Hey all,

I've seen various posts regarding lasik but I figured it might not be a bad idea to create a lasik thread for all things lasik. I primarily wanted to walk people through my lasik experience, my recruitment process thus far, and future steps.

I applied SNA last year, completed my entire package, went off to MEPs for my finals medical tests, and got the ol depth perception whammy. I had never failed a depth perception test before so this came as a shock to me. I went back to a private doc who informed me that the astigmatism in my right eye could be an attributing factor and that lasik was an option for correction. Seeing that I want to give myself the best fighting chance at passing this test, I got lasik back in early March. I consulted with my recruiter before the procedure and he told me that I have to wait 6 months after lasik before MEPs will see me again. I'm about halfway through my waiting period and my eyes are feeling great - I've taken multiple depth perception test since then and have passed them all; I know the test at MEPs is vastly different (which might be an attributing factor), but I'm confident nonetheless.

If anyone has any specific questions regarding the procedure and how it correlates with the recruitment process please feel free to ask and I'd be happy to answer to the best of my ability.


Well-Known Member
Hope you pass the MEPs depth perception test on round two. Goodluck. Either way, be thankful you were able to do LASIK and not PRK. When I joined in 09, PRK was the only thing allowed. In terms of what the laser does to your eye, it's the same, however, the way they prep the cornea for surgery is very different (LASIK=flap, PRK=scrape that shit off with a little tiny spatula).

I'm still 20/20 ten years on, but PRK hurt like a bitch!

Goodluck, let us know how it turns out!