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IFS Gouge

As of right now, for ground school:
- Stage 1, 2, and 3 exams pull directly from the gouge. They are computerized tests taken with your IFS classmates.
- End of Course (EOC) exam pulls 90%+ of questions directly from the Jeppesen test guide booklet issued.
- The FAA exam aligns very closely with a combination of the Jeppesen test guide questions and Sporty's practice exams. So if you crush the EOC, you shouldn't have much to worry about.

For flying:
- Become familiar with the maneuvers you will practice the next day by using the the procedures manual (I've attached an example given by my facility, but your facility should provide one).
- Study for the check ride oral exam a little bit every day using the study guide attached and information regarding your specific aircraft (should be given by your facility)
- Review maneuvers via chair flying a little everyday, referencing the procedures manual
- Pre-written exam should be given to you the day or two before you turn it in (like a take home exam)...
- HAVE FUN. IFS was a blast. Just put in the work necessary, show that you give a shit, and everything will work out. If my dumbass can do it, you definitely can.



just a note as well, once you get to the EOC and pass it and the FAA exam, life is incredibly cushy during the latter half of IFS. get up, go fly for 2 or so hours a day. go home, study, chill. i had lots of time to relax the latter half of IFS. the first half does really, really suck though, there's no getting around that. take it seriously. don't be one of those guys that blows it off and ends up going into API with two pink sheets. a guy here got attrited on arrival at primary because he had 1 IFS academic failure and 1 API academic failure.


and since we're on the topic of IFS studying, also don't be one of those folks that power-clicks through the jeppesen modules. also actually work the FAA questions book at every stage of your training. memorizing gouge is not going to help you for the FAA knowledge exam which you have to pass regardless of whatever you do at NASC. Use the Jeppesen FAA knowledge book daily. if you do that and can answer all the questions in it by the EOC, you will breeze through the FAA, which literally reuses the same verbatim questions from public-knowledge question banks.