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I don't have much time! Suggestions?


FS SNA, July 8
What sort of phone do you have? I'm using an xperia play, and I feel like I gave up a lot for that gamepad.


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Endomondo has a free app that works a lot like map my run, but also has presets for biking and other exercises. I've found it to be very accurate and I also like being able to pull up a list of my recent runs with distance, time and calories burned.

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FS SNA, July 8
I forgot about endomodo. I paced out a mile lap with the other night in my little area, with nice neat start and end points. Went for a light 2 mile jog today, ended up at a 9 minute pace. Blah. I know I have a lot better in me than that though.

However, I'll definitely admit that winter really took its toll, and I should've hit the treadmill a little more. That and I should probably find an area with less hills and traffic. Probably not helping my time. :p

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While not perfect, MapMyRun is surprisingly accurate. It is a great tool for route planning, and my GPS (Garmin 405) agreed with it to within a few hundredths of a mile on a 5-mile run I did the other day.

That said, it sounds like you're training for time, so I'd recommend what the others have said - use a known-distance track for any kind of speed tests you might do.
What he said. I use MapMyRun to plan out longer runs (15-25 miles) and my garmin has never been more than a few hundred feet off - ergo, ipso facto, therefore, thus - MapMyRun will be pretty darn close for you if mapping a shorter route.

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This is really more about cool distance-measuring apps than running, isn't it? It's okay...you can say it.


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This gouge is five years old, so take it with plenty of grains of salt, but we didn't do tons of running when I was at OCS. Make sure you can run 1.5 miles in the appropriate time for your age group, and beyond that, focus more on strength and conditioning. Everyone in your class will look like spaghetti during push-up time at some point, but you really don't want to be the first guy to flop down and give up. I ran three miles a day at my goal pace while I was getting ready for OCS, and was one of the fastest in my running group.

Then again, I didn't use any sweet running apps. I'd be running marathons now if I had. Daily.