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How long will it take from application submission to commissioning?


First, please dont tell me to look around the boards. i did, and i couldn't find answer...

I am putting in OCS app for pilot and NFO. I will be 28 on 12July, cutoff is commissioned by 29. They told me boards meet in August. I will have my package in by first of July, if not earlier. What is the timeline (even if it just guess/estimate) from finding out if i got accepted and leaving for ocs. This is my first application and will be my only one as i will exceed the age limit for my first two choices..

Just want to know if everything works out for me, will i be commissioned by 29? That is my real question. Thanks for stopping by..


The fact that there isn't an answer is why you didn't find one. Is it possible that if you get selected in August you could commission before next July? Yes. Is it likely? Not really. Nearly all fy12 slots are full, and fy13 spots don't even start til July.

fwiw, your tone in your first sentence is not needed. Reading through just the April board postings would have given you your "answer"


O-4 Line of sight tasking is real...
Yes, maybe in a normal recruiting cycle, your kit may be reviewed in time. However,in this current climate, I fear you cut it impossibly close.

Why wait so long in your life to do this?


@ lucy
Every question i have ever asked was first responded too with a "you should try searching the forum OP, your question is already asked". I tried to avoid that ridiculous statement.