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USN Hey Brett, is this kid in your squadron?


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Mods, can you please place a #facepalm button next to the "like"? It's not that I hate it, it's just...well...<facepalm>


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Best guess is his dad owns a Ford dealership with all of the billboard space that comes with it. He chose to become a Naval officer over having management and eventual ownership in the dealership which pay a shit load better..................good on Lt. (or whatever rank he is) Robinson.


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Assuming it's the parents...and they're proud of their kid. He doesn't deserve eternal humiliation for it. Grow up
Maybe not. But the dudes in his ready room need to bring him up on charges at their next Kangaroo Court- because we're still warriors and this is a golden opportunity to poke a little fun at young Lt(JG?) Robinson, maybe even give him a new Callsign. Hopefully we haven't lost that much of ourselves already.


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A ready room is one thing...a public Internet forum is another. We shouldn't have to explain the difference.
Yeah, nothing public about a billboard 20x60 with your name and face on it then posting a thank you on face book or whatever.