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Good T-44 Systems Gouge

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Bottom of the barrel
Oh, and if you are just starting out, I made this to help me with the checklists ... won't replace the FTI/NATOPS, but I think that it makes the Radios/Navaids section more clear.

Hope this helps someone ...



P-8 Bubba
Some Review Stage Questions:

1. What are the items located in the baggage compartment in the nose?
2. What are the items located in the aft avionics rack.
3. If starting the left engine and you exceed ITT switching RH Gen on, abort the start and advance N1 to 85% on the first engine prior to restart.
4. During descent, if pressurized, monitor N1 > 75% (dual engine) or N1 > 85% single engine while pulling back powers.
5. If Dual engine flameout, immediately raise gear and flaps prior to windmilling airstart checklist. complete the windmilling airstart checklist so you can bring your props back to reduce drag.
6. Max temp on brake tape is 310 degrees
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