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Free Female Uniforms


Spy Navy
I got out of the Navy in 2010 and it's probably time for me to pass my uniforms on to someone who can use them... by the time my daughter is old enough to join, I'm sure there will be some kind of new futuristic jumpsuit.
I have a set of SDB's (skirt), a watch coat, and a set of summer whites (skirt and pants). I also probably have a cover and some shoulder-boards that I could dig up. The jackets are striped for a lieutenant line officer. Sizes I believe are around 10MR. I am 5'8" and the pants are hemmed to that.
The only fee I would ask is that you pay shipping to get them to you. Send me a PM and tell me a little bit about yourself - I really want these to go to someone who is actually in the Navy and will use them rather than a civilian or someone who will turn around and sell them. Thanks!