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Forum Upgrade to version 2.1


The Grass is Greener!
Site Admin

I just spent the morning backing up and upgrading the forum software to the latest and greatest stable version. There are quite a few improvements:

  • Liking posts, you now have the ability again to dislike and express other aspects about a post
  • Bookmark threads to come back to later
  • Emojis are now more consistent across iPhone/tablets, etc and will display appropriately
  • Text editor has been upgraded, better inline posting, adding video, or posting HTML links (unfurling supported)
  • Avatar displays updated (last poster now has avatar displayed)
  • Better support for iPhoneX/XS etc displays (with the notch)
I am sure there are more, but those are the main features that I recall.




Powers By Name, Powers By Reputation
Airwarriors becomes Facebook!

New Post - I just got my Aviator wings, how many likes would this get OR Heart this post if you think I should go for jets!


Super Moderator
The avatars are now round....change is bad!!!

EDIT: Wings are off center too, at least on Edge (which is the only browser that works on the computer I am on now).
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The Grass is Greener!
Site Admin
super slow to load on safari and ads are back. hmm.
I’m playing with the ad settings and messed up the code that prevents them showing to contributors. Should have that fixed shortly.

Site speed will probably be adversely affected while I am optimizing and then get better than it was before. We shall see.