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F-35B/C Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter)


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IIRC the MC's original plan was to get all F-35B's until around 2011 when General Amos requested several squadrons of F-35C's to keep the Corps in the TacAir integration plan.
At least a long time ago when I last saw numbers, the USMC is/was actually going to be flying more F-35s than the Navy (combining B and C variants). Which is crazy to me.


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F-35 lost due to spatial disorientation...

Does F-35 have a traditional EFIS type ADI/AI? How do you guys know where the horizon is relative to FP? Is it all incorporated in the wonder helmet / visor?

The helmet is the HUD. You can put up an EFI on the glass with a single HOTAS button press if need be. There’s also a standby beneath the main displays that’s always on.