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Eyesight Change


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The first week of OCS you're going to do a long-form Flight Physical. Maybe 1/5 people got "NAMI-whammied" when I was there and had to re-designate. The reasons ranged from eyesight to anthro-measurements. Most of the the people who had to re-designate decided to DOR and were home within a few weeks.

If your eyesight holds steady until then, you could pass and be fine. If not, chances are you'd either go SWO or NFO. You'll do another NAMI visit when you check into Pensacola. The only guy I knew who passed the OCS physical and failed in Pcola went NFO. They'll just put you to work at Flight Management until the board meets.

I'd go to an eye doctor a couple times between now and winter and get a thorough check. My eyesight has been on a steady trend downwards for a few years, so if that's how its been for you, it might be worth looking at Lasik if you definitely fall out of range. You're only 20 years old (I'm 28 as an SNA), so you've got plenty of time. It's either that or make the gamble at OCS. It depends on how your eyes are holding up until then.
I always assumed that the military will give you LASIK or PRK as long as you are accepted and sign your contract? Guessing it's not the case and it's up to the applicant now.


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See if the Navy will pay for it before you commission. Otherwise, you'll be rolling the dice with NAMI at OCS.

The first thing I'd recommend is to schedule a thorough eye exam somewhere in town to compare to your MEPS physical. I've had different scores on different exams. Things like sleep and hydration play a part. You could have 20/35 vision on a good day and hold that through your flight physical.
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My recruiter just told me that the Navy does pay for PRK
It makes no sense for the Navy to spend any money on someone who isn't in the Navy yet. If you need PRK/Lasik you will have to pay like the hundreds or maybe even thousands of applicants who have done it before.


The Navy might for people already on active duty under certain circumstances, but they are not going to pay for it for an applicant.
They Navy will allow you to get PRK/Lasik (Jacksonville will tell you which you qualify for and you can decide if you have both options) if you are AD, over 21, have more than a year on contract AFTER surgery, are not deploying for months after surgery, and your eyes haven't change, or change only a tiny bit within a minimum year span. This is coming from the sheet you fill out with the Optometrist that you fax to Jacksonville and my literal experience with the process. I never ended up getting it because I had to go on a West Pac a month after surgery and Hawaii and Japan didn't have "good enough" Docs to do my follow ups.


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The Navy will not pay for an applicant to get PRK. Period. I promise. It doesn't matter if you've signed a contract or been sworn in. Once you are on active duty, you can apply to get PRK through the process USC6217 described above.