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Does anyone know if adding boards between those already scheduled is a common thing?


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My recruiter made a mistake and said I was eligible for the Immediate Select Boards with a score of 6/7/6/53, and a GPA of 3.4. It was not until I was searching forums weeks later did I notice that I was not eligible for this route. After I informed him of this issue he attempted to submit my application to the October board 2 weeks late. Unfortunately they would not accept the package. After discussing options he said my options are 1) Retake the test and attempt to get the scores needed (if anyone can validate what those scores are I would appreciate it). 2) Submit my application to the February board and hope I get sent immediately to OCS and can graduate before my 27th birthday, which is May 21st. (If anyone can give some insight as to what they think of this option, and on average how fast a candidate usually gets sent to OCS after board selection. Also not prior military so age waiver not possible.). 3) Hope that they happen to decide to do another formal board in between the October and February boards.

Any comments, guidance, or advice would greatly be appreciated,. Thanks guys.


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I'm not 100% sure, as I'm just on OHARP but I think you have to at least get all 7s on the ASTB.

Talking with the pilots in my class the average wait time from Pro-Rec to OCS was about 1 month. Some guys it was as little as 2 weeks.

Good luck!