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Degree Requirement for Supply?

Steve Wilkins

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For direct acessions into the Supply Corps, you are probably better off talking to an officer recruiter to determine what field your degree should be in. If you want to lateral transfer to Supply from another community, then there is no hard and fast requirement. However, this is not to say that the community won't have a preference. My advice is to do two things. One, talk to the officer recruiter as stated above. But also, get in contact with the new acessions officer. The link below should help you along in that direction.



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Degree Requirements

Hey Grant73, I'm new to the forum, and I had the same question while I was applying. First, my degree is in Workforce Education and Development (basically HRD), the instruction does say they "prefer or want" the applicant to have a Bus., Eng, or math related degree, however I feel that our degrees complement Supply Corps just fine. It must, because I got selected and will be attending OCS in Aug this year, then to Supply Corps School. I wouldn't even sweat it! Just apply for want you want, whatever it is, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! We have degrees, all that means is that we're trainable and diligent enough to learn, the Nav needs officers so..... I might be wrong, but are you ultimately trying to become a Human Resource Officer? I AM! Its crazy that we can't get commissioned right into that community, but I understand they must want "seasoned" officers. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else. Peace.


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I have a BS in Psychology. One of my instructors has the same type of degree. They would probably prefer a degree in Accounting if you are new to the service, but you can basically have any degree to get into Supply Corps school.


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Thanks for the replies. I will start to study for the ASTB and talk to to a recruiter when I get to Cali.


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My degree is in Social Science with a concentration in Government and my recruiter said it doesn't matter what your degree is in for Suppply. I am also very interested in the Human Resource position and was disappointed to learn that it was for lateral transfers and you cannot go straight into that field. I will be applying for supply instead =)


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It absolutely doesn't matter what your degree is in. I have a BA in Political Science. I know of at least one SNA that's got a Polisci degree, too. It's really about your entire application package as a whole, at least in my experience.


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I've read up on supply and saw that you *can* get your MBA on the Navy's dime. Do you *have* to get your MBA once you're eligible or will you not be able to move in the ranks if you don't go beyond your BA or BS?