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Current TBS backlog?


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I am currently a junior in college. I completed PLC juniors last summer (air contract) and I am set for seniors this coming summer. I recently registered for classes for Spring '13, and realized that due to some prior service PME credits that transferred as well as some AP classes in high school, I will be able to graduate a semester early if I want to, in Fall of '13 rather than Spring of '14.

My question is this: does anyone have any speculation on the current backlog between commissioning and getting orders to TBS? Also, would there be a benefit in graduating in the fall as opposed to the spring? Common sense would assume so. But my OSO said that they are working on some measures to reduce the backlog, and that if I changed my graduation date, that might effect my wait time. So, what's the word?


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Head over to MarineOCS.com- you'll get better info on this type of stuff there. However, there are some PLC types who are waiting 12-16 months. YMMV.


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Of people in my Seniors platoon, one is already in Pensacola, 3 of us are 1.5 months away from finishing TBS, a few just showed up two weeks ago, and some aren't getting here until October 2014.... your mileage will vary.
Couldn't tell you anything WRT what your OSO said. Right now, the wait is still significantly long, much more so for ground contracts than air. Mine personally, is about six months, which is pretty short compared to my peers. There's really no telling what the wait will look like when you commission next year, but I wouldn't get my hopes up too high, that everything will be fixed by then.

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...would there be a benefit in graduating in the fall as opposed to the spring?
Assuming you get your commission on your graduation date, do your first "time clocks" (time in service, time in rank) start running as of that date, or is everything "suspended" until you get an AD report date for TBS or whatever?

If clocks start running regardless, I'd think earlier is better, but the unintended consequences of that (wait time, etc.) may be overriding considerations for you. Have a good friend who's son is commissioned via PLC, but working as a civilian until he gets a TBS date sometime in the spring. Maybe I should ask him/them.


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PLC guys will have a PEBD of the first time they attended OCS, provided they do not accept $ through the Marine Corps Tuition Assistance Program (MCTAP).


The only things I can think of is you will make 1st Lt two years after commissioning so you would definitely be starting that clock, I can't speak specifically to TBS date changing but I would think being commissioned sooner would put you ahead of anyone who isn't commissioned yet which would be a reason to do it in the fall. Basically I don't see how doing it in the fall could hurt you.


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I was in this past Charlie Co and my wait was 8 months. I know a guy who is commissioning in April or so and his OSO told him Oct for TBS. That can always change until he commissions and sees his orders, of course.


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You can commission early, due to graduating early. But, make sure you get with your OSO about changing your commissioning date. You have to put in some request. Because, right now you are scheduled to graduate later in the eyes of MCRC. You really don't have a commissioning date now, but MCRC has a general idea, so you must inform them you are going to graduate early through a request. I did the same thing. I had credits from highschool and Marine reserves.