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Criminal Record


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Not always true. I personally know a few people who got DUIs and are still in, and have promoted.
Yes, ok, I get it that there are always exceptions, but as a general rule, this remains true when actually convicted of a DUI.

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When I joined my first squadron in 1984, DUIs were just another rite of passage. 4 years later when I left, they had become Admiral's Mast, but usually just a NPLOC. A couple of years after that they became career enders. It was hard for some of the DHs to maintain straight faces when counseling JOs about the consequences of drinking shenanigans.

I remember an Admirals Call at the Moffett O'Club one Friday afternoon with the Admiral trying to give us a talk about the (new) consequences of booze while we all (including him) held cups of beer in our hands. One of the things he said was "The reason we are so good at what we do is because we practice all the time but we'll never be good at drinking and driving because we don't practice that." Immediately ever officer raised his beer up high and there was a roar "To the parking lot!"
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