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Color of the hull under the waterline on the USS Alabama???


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The new antifouling paint on a Navy ship. If it's on the surface ship hulls, it's probably going on the sub hulls too.
My ship is supposed to be getting that antifouling paint the next time we go drydock. Heard nothing but good things about it.


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I remember reading somewhere that the anti-fouling is applied to Boomers during re-fit and wears off during patrols.
We would paint during refit, but only the parts above the waterline. The only time you can get to the antifouling painted parts are during dry docking periods, which, thank God, only happend every forth or fifth refit period, or if something broke. When I was there they didn't trust us to paint that part either. For one reason or another, it was strickly a $30+ an hour skilled painter's job. My money's on the fact that blue shirts driving cherry pickers never went over too well, but that's just my opinion. :)