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I use them in the Hornet and love em. Just make sure to turn the volume down when you climb in, as the last guy probably used foamies. It gets really loud.

Renegade One

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Great! The foamies are fine for me during a quick local flight but they were getting a bit uncomfortable after our six hour cross country out to Austin. Maybe I'll try a size smaller before looking into the custom molded tips.
I hope to God that this isn't a "whine" about 6 HR XC flights. If so, you have no idea how [f#(king] lucky you are… :)

Flying Low

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Got them during my HT tour. Fly with them now in the 60S. Wish I had them in the H-3. They are great to fly with and I plan on getting some of the molded ones when I get back from this arduous deployment in Italy.