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Barely passed flight physical


New Member
I recently went to NAS Pensacola to have my flight physical administered for a USMC SNA contract. My vision in my right eye is 20/20, however, my left eye is 20/40 (barely passing). I will be up on the board in July for a contract. My eyes are good enough now to pass and be selected, but my question is what happens if my left eye gets worse than 20/40 any time from OCS to TBS and then at Flight School? Will I lose my SNA contract if my eye degrades worse than that minimum standards before earning my wings?

Thanks for any advice in advance.


*1. Loins... GIRD
Hydrate, rest, don't read, & watch TV from across the room in the dark for like 3 days. Get tested by a civilian, take your time, and see how you score. I bet you'll do better (unless that's the current routine).

Hopeful Hoya

Well-Known Member
I take them when my eyes are feeling dry, and I load up when I know I have an upcoming eye exam (usually 4-5 times a day starting one week before my exam). Did so before MEPS and I was a hard 20/20 and I got about 3/4ths of the 20/15 line.