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Automobile to Newport?


Helo Advanced
How often can candidates get to their cars?
During indoc you most likely won't be able to access them. During OC your class can (and should) request a chit to allow people to go start their cars. During candio, barring some outrageous punishment, you should have no problem accessing them. As always, each class is different, but just ask the staff when you get a chance.


Resist, Retaliate, Press Forward!
I was curious what everyone's thoughts were with regards to driving a vehicle to Newport? What are the pro's and con's? I've been thinking about it lately, and is there something you could bring to my attention that I haven't thought of yet?

If you drove your vehicle there, are you glad you did? If you didn't, do you wish you had?

I'm waiting to here if I get selected, but it wouldn't hurt to ask the question now. Thanks!
If your car is old (like mine), don’t bother driving cross country to Newport. You’ll have a bad time.

If that’s the case, you’re better having your OR provide you with an airline ticket for the day or 2 before class-up.


I am most likely going to be on the November 3rd class per my recruiter. Any idea how long before report date finsel letter usually comes in?