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Aspiring mids/OCs READ THIS FIRST!

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Welcome to AW. This forum is populated by many people who are interested in the fraternity known as U.S. Naval Aviation. If you need gouge or advice on how to achieve your dream of gold wings, this site will be of great use to you. Many of our posters, and the vast majority of our moderators, are either current Naval Aviators and Naval Flight Officers, former ones, or student officers who are already in the training pipeline.

This site was started by a P-3 aviator who wanted to see the next generation succeed. That is the primary focus of this site. However, there are certain expectations which you should know about before you post here.

  1. The wings by users' names are not some made-up website award. They indicate that this individual has earned the right to wear the real thing. Keep this in mind when interacting with them.
  2. This is not Facebook or MySpace. You will, in some cases, be interacting with people who will be far senior to you if you have the privilege of serving in uniform. We strive to keep this a laid-back environment, but blatant disrespect to senior officers or enlisted will not fly. This is a public site, and what you post here can be seen by all who visit and can have real-world consequences regarding your application or future reputation. ADMIRALS HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO LURK AND POST HERE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  3. As an aspiring officer, you are going to be expected to display personal initiative. Your mother should not be running down your paperwork, and we are not going to waste our time answering simple questions which have been answered many times in one of the many threads created in the 7 years this site has been online. USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION. If you still have questions, then chime in and we would be happy to help.
  4. As an aspiring officer, you are expected to have a decent command of the English language. u r not txting ur buddy; if you haven't learned halfway decent grammar and syntax in 12 years of school, and whatever college experience you have, God help you.
The following posts will serve you well not only in having a pleasant stay here, but also throughout a hopefully long and successful military career.

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