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Are stories of the SWO community valid?


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Out of curiosity, what are these? I don't know if I've heard of them, or maybe I have; the amount of change in the SWO career path has been dizzying lately.
SAO - Surface Attack Officer. Pilot program for a 2nd tour DIVO who specializes in ASUW on ships with the more advanced anti-surface capabilities; basically SAO is a STRIKE or ASWO equivalent for anti-surface employment. They have an interesting and tailored pipeline that takes a few months.

SWATT - Surface Warfare Advanced Tactical Training. Additional work-up period (a few weeks in duration) between the basic phase and C2X during which the surface ships beef up on higher level integrated warfare skills before playing with the other CSG assets. It's designed to be analogous to what the CVW does at Air Wing Fallon.

SWCTC (misspelled in my last post) - Surface Warfare Combat Training Continuum. Will target each officer (and well, each tactical watchstander) to ensure they are getting the experience they need throughout the OFRP phases and their own careers. Basically, no more "A-Team" -- CHENG can't duck all of the CSTT scenarios to work in the plant only to deploy with no advanced and graded training (I say this tongue in cheek, but it happens)...