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From my email:

ALPA supports the decision by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Transport Canada to ground the Boeing 737 MAX. The FAA reports that it made its decision "as a result of the data-gathering process and new evidence collected at the site and analyzed today." Out of an abundance of caution, North American regulators have acted in the best interests of aviation safety.
ALPA continues to monitor the situation and is working alongside aviation authorities in the United States and Canada to uphold the safety and integrity of our air transportation system. We strongly encourage the investigative authorities responsible to expedite the investigation of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 and identify any corrective action if necessary in order to return this aircraft to service.
ALPA stands ready, through the International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations, to assist the international aviation community in every way possible with the shared goal of advancing a safer air transportation system around the globe.


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Actually I don't. My understanding is based on the President's comments and the broadcast timing. I may have gotten the timing wrong as I wasn't listening continuously. I know the American Airlines union seemed to be caught flat footed. I would think the FAA would have given the airline and subsequently, the pilots union, a heads up if a change was coming. This has the look of typical Trump management. Do we know something else, based on online releases with time stamps or other data?

I would prefer the FAA made up their own mind whether I agree or not.
Given the general dismantling of the interagency process, it could have gone either way, frankly. My presumption, based on past performance, is that nobody at the WH had the SA to take the initiative on something like this.

Edit: Sounds like Huggy shed some light on things.


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Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned for a lesson in...

“The Dismantling of the Interagency Process”

This will count towards your JMPE/Command and Staff credit.
JMO was alright. S&W was fun. But TSDM? Meh . . . check in the box, I'll take my diploma, thankyouveddymuch.