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285 PFT. GTG?


New Member
I ran my last PFT before boards last week. My stats are:
20 pullups
100 crunches
20:26 3 mile run.
I have a 2.4 GPA from a competitive university. Yes I know that's low. But to my credit I was a NCAA D-1 athlete who also took care of my father who had cancer. I am currently getting a 2nd degree in English and have a 3.67 GPA.
I have solid LORs and a lot of leadership exp. How do you think the board will view an applicant like me?

Renegade One

Well-Known Member
How do you think the board will view an applicant like me?
There may in fact be some "former Board Members" on this site who can comment much more accurately than I.
For my part: Best way to find out is to apply.
Good luck.
One question: Supposing you're "Good To Go"...will you still need to be your father's care provider?


New Member
You're so right! I guess I just need to wait and see.
My father passed away during my Senior year. Seeing him go through that really took a toll on my me. I got passed it by the grace of GOD but not without a couple a life scars on the way. It just sucks my GPA is low. But, nothing beat a failure but a try.


I thought this was America
I am assuming you are applying OCC? I would say your run time is just fine but could always be improved over time. While your GPA isn't the greatest it isn't the "end all be all" in how the boards determine candidates. You seem to be well rounded considering you were a D-1 athlete and you took care of your father (something that shows many qualities of a Marine Officer). If being in the Marines is something you really want, be persistent and give it your best.


New Member
Thanks for the insight SeaBoundRhino. I am applying to OCC. Hopefully the board shares your sentiments.

Reconjoe, I was about to do more but then I thought about that 5k that this sprinter had to run.