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Coast Guard DCA


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Gents, I've been searching the forum for some info on DCO School and haven't come up with anything.

I've got a tentative date to start DCO school in January 2014. I was just curious what is involved in DCO school? Things such as topics involved in the course, typical day, course length (I've heard anywhere from 3-5 weeks), etc. Any info would be great. Thanks!
Well everyone I got the official letter
"You have been selected..............................................as a alternate for the DCA program"
I'm pretty happy I made it through 2nd time around, alas Ive have hit the 10 year TIS mark.

Correct me if I'm wrong, the alternate selections only stay valid until the results are published for the next board. Meaning I could get a call all the way until the next panel?
Good luck. I received that same letter in Jan '13, as a 2nd alternate. I would start looking for another job; I can't imagine who would pass it up after the application process. That being said, I would check in with HQ every couple months to keep up comms.

Best of luck


Admiral Hartman 4 Life
- Any thoughts on how the CG DCA would treat an Osprey pilot? i.e. what platforms would I qualify for, how would I stack up next to the other applicants, etc?

Background: I completed the old flight school program where after Primary we went to VT-35, flew TC-12s for the instrument rating then went to the HTs for FAM, NAV and NVG, then winged out of Whiting. I will be happy to fly anything that says Coast Guard on the side, but prefer helos if given the choice, then C-130s.

Other info: Deployments 2x MEU. Hours 1350 military, 350 NVG, 650 aircraft commander. Designations, Instrument Evaluator, NATOPS Instructor, Basic through Night Systems Instructor, Section Lead through Flight Lead. Jobs: Operations and Safety. Schools: Aviation Safety Officer Course 02- 2012.

Drama: None. 2 kids and coming up on 10 years AD in May 2016.

This has been a great thread, thanks for those who have kept it up over the years.


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I haven't been on a board, but your experience straddling the two communities puts you in a great spot, depending on the needs of the service.
I think your hours and experience look solid-I'd put a package in as soon as you can, and roll the dice.


Admiral Hartman 4 Life
That's good to hear. Sometimes the idea of experience in two communities is more of a hindrance. I'm working with the recruiter out of SD and should have a package in for the spring board.


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I have a question about USN conditional release timing for the DCA boards. My USN MSR is FEB 17' and 10 year mark JUN 17'. I am an HSC guy on a PEP Sea Billet flying H-3s that has been a real pleasure and have had some amazing experiences getting to interact with a nearby CG station with my Foreign Squadron. I know that current USN O-4 promotion rates have been a bloodbath which will likely mean a 2 x FOS (I'm YG 07 so my first look wont even occur until 17') for me and RW FTS boards selection rates have been equally laughable, so it has made my decision easy to fully pursue DCA. Friends that I know that have successfully got accepted through DCA have said that persistence pays off and be willing to go through multiple boards. I have begun to put my package together with my local coast guard recruiter to attempt the soonest board (MAY 15'), but I am concerned after referencing the MILPERSMAN 1300-081 "Inter-service Transfer of an Officer out of the Navy" because according the recruiter the earliest accession date into the USCG from that board would be Jan '16 which occurs after my PRD with my current command(SEP 15'). Does that accession date sound right? I know I will be putting in for an MSR waiver, but can my current CO even endorse an approval for conditional release if the date I have listed as the "Scheduled date of separation from active duty (if any)"(MILPERSMAN 1300-081 Para 8.O) is after I have left that command? Is it worth asking the detailer for an extension on my current orders to make that timing work? For that matter, anybody here know if HSC OCMs are approving out quotas for conditional release? Conversely, I am about to select my follow on orders (likely 24 month orders) and was wondering how past DCAs broached this topic with their USN COs that was reasonably diplomatic about a desire to apply for DCA. I was planning letting whatever that command ends up being know as soon as possible, so they are in the know and aren't in the dark. If the May 15' board doesn't work out, is it worth bargaining with my next USN command and detailer to sit the DEC 15' DCA board out, and try again for an estimated MAY and DEC 16' DCA boards in order to put more time in my next set of orders prior to re-requesting a conditional release(since it will be likely just past the year expiration put in place on a conditional release approval paperwork) to have that accession date(my guess being JAN 17' or summer of 17') line up closer to my MSR?

Apologies if this is too specific, but any and all help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Ultimately, I want to give this as many shots as I can and am trying to figure the best way to go about this before I hit 10 years. Thanks.


Fott1985, I can't speak to your Navy-specific questions (quite honestly, I don't even know what half of those acronyms stand for!), but I will answer those that I can.

1. Yes, persistence pays off. Continue to apply for multiple boards.
2. Letting your current command know about your intent to apply for DCA could go either way, depending on the mentality of your command. I waited until I was selected to tell my CO, and of course he was pissed, but he would have been pissed either way (and probably would ahve pulled me out of company command), so I opted to minimize the length of time I had to deal with his pouting.
3. I wouldn't sit out ANY boards..keep reapplying unless there is a good reason why you wouldn't accept.

It seems that you really need a Navy guy to answer some of these questions for you. I hope someone pipes up with some advice.


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Thanks so much for the reply. I have went ahead and submitted my conditional release paperwork with the Navy and am waiting for my interview board at a local CG station to complete my DCA package for the May board. Surprisingly, my command was on board with it and had no issue forward my release paperwork along. The next big hurdle is getting that approved at the higher levels. My detailer had doubts whether it would get approved but did say it is case by case. Here's to hoping it all works out...


Hello Ladies and Gents, long time since I've been here. Great to be back and seeing this forum is still up and running.

I've got some specific questions regarding DCA if anyone can help me out. If someone has gone through this recently and would be willing to PM me, please let me know. Here's a little background:

MH-60R guy, currently on shore duty at a flying acquisitions billet. I've got 1300hrs total, MSR is August '19. PRD is August '18. Really just looking for some guidance on my conditional release paperwork as well as some medical questions. You guys and gals have been fantastic to me over the years and I really appreciate it! Let me know.


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Trying to breathe some fresh air here. Recent DCA selection here. No idea what I’ll be flying or where, or when for that matter. Is there anything anyone recommend I start studying? Also is DCO school like a ‘boot camp/OCS’ environment?