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This has been discussed off and on between the moderators on this site, and I have seen on other successful forums where this an unmoderated section where individuals can discuss a variety of topics. I am NOT saying this carte blanche to flame your fellow poster, but on the flip side, I am not going to spend the time, or position moderators to cull these posts.

BEWARE, THIS IS AN UNMODERATED FORUM: This is the catch all forum for any discussion the members of this site want to discuss. I have not made anyone moderator of this forum, and only supermoderators and admins have any oversight of this forum. If you don't

Moderators in other forums, you see a thread going downhill, use the thread tools, and split the thread off into this forum. If you need help/assistance, shoot me a PM.

We will see how it goes.


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this is a sticky. start a new topic. this post should be for informational purposes only.


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webmaster i would just like to say ur brilliant, the War Zone sub-forum is great, i for one really enjoy it.
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