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USMC C-130's

NJ Devil Dog

Hi All,

What is the general work tempo/quality of life in USMC C-130 squadrons? What are some of the unique characteristics of the platform as a whole and the individual squadrons? What does a typical week within the C-130 community look like for fresh Naval Aviators new to the fleet?

Lastly, do you have any interesting stories of your time within the community?

Thank You!


A/C Wings Here
Keep in mind my experience is dated but currently there are 4 active duty units East Coast, West Coast, Hawaii and Okinawa plus a reserve unit at Ft. Worth. You will be kept busy tanking, hauling beans bullets troops and equipment and it is my understanding that we now have a platform to put warheads on foreheads. When you are not flying you will be kept busy in one of the S shops or a maintenance division to build your leadership skills. It's a small community but we have a lot of pride in our mission and work hard. You got a good deal coming enjoy it.