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USA Politics Thunderdome


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Most liberals say they’re middle of the road
Most conservatives say they’re middle of the road. I say that not to cherrypick a single piece of this conversation or make a smartass remark, but it is a valid observation of where we see American politics today. Add to that gerrymandering, 24 hour ‘news’ cycles, and the ability to very easily surround oneself with a steady stream of opinions masked as journalism, and a great problem we have today more than past eras would be one group thinking themselves the rational center and ‘those other guys’ being the nutso ones.

Again, I would note that I don’t know you, treetop, any more than I know hair warrior or your respective perspectives, that just stuck out.

Treetop Flyer

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I don't know anyone who thinks of themselves as anything other than mainstream, or at most, center-left/right. No one ever thinks they are wrong either...
I used to think I was center-right as I was easily classified as conservative on pretty much every issue except most social issues. I suppose that’s mostly libertarian minus the utopian bs. However, social issues have changed. The lunacy of open borders and reparations I suppose makes me full on hard right these days.


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Another 2 separate earthquakes here in Fresno/Visalia/Lemoore at +-1920 PST this evening. They felt much more significant than the quake the other day. The pool sloshed around quite a but no water over the edge and onto the deck. Back to the PoliThunderdome!
German Shepard dog still looking at me like WTF Over.



Pork Chop
Lol. I’m neither extreme nor partisan. Color me in your mind as you will. I’m surrounded by peer sailors who say openly (in uniform) that guns should be confiscated and people “don’t need to own a gun” unless they’re issued one as a cop or uniformed service member. If you think me wanting for Maryland to simply mirror the gun laws of Virginia or Pennsylvania (both of which border Maryland and both of which have more residents than Maryland) to be “extreme” or “partisan” views then, well, that’s your opinion.
As a fellow Marylander, I second this message.

"I’m offering a data point based on my professional experience. Something all Ensigns should value. "

I also second this message.