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Top reasons you've been around Air Warriors too long


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Shit... I just stop by to see what's going on (and of course to chat with old buddies). Seems as though I just can't help myself... some great people here!:) John, you do a great job!
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UH-1N.....NAS Agana, Guam....circa 1975
10. Every time you hear the word "integer" you think of some pimple faced kid that has no business being in the Academy.

9. You are writing top ten lists in order to put off writing a Russian composition for class.

8. You once thought an F-16 might have landed on a carrier.

7. You found your desktop picture at Air Warriors.

6. You check to see if you have any new rep points when you log on.

5. Fly Navy is a personality, and no longer a catchy bumper sticker.

4. You wonder what happened to Patmack, and realize he was just schizophrenic.

3. You remember when Zab had funny avatars, now they're seriously lacking.

2. You now look at new girlfriends and consider what Brett may have to say about that.

1. You were heart broken when you found out that the Navy isn't all choker whites and dining outs.

I am waiting for aviation greens to come back......I will probably be here a while.


loving my warm and comfy 214 blanket
When you realize Fly Navy hasn't been on the website in almost six years, and he's still top ten on posts . . . Whatever happened to him?