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Top reasons you've been around Air Warriors too long


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#4567.33333: Someone who has been a member for a whopping 2 1/2 months posts in the "Top reasons you've been around Air Warriors too long" thread. :D

Congrats on the selection, BTW.

I thought that "having more AW posts than flight hours" as per above meant that I was allowed to post :)

Wow…just wow!

[CAVEAT: I know that means different things to different folks in different contexts.]
My OR was out of the country, and someone else figured out that I was also in the same place, and sent me the number of another guy I could call since my processor and other folks in the office weren't getting back to me. However, NavyOffRec has looked people up before if they asked.


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You've been on AW too long when every disagreement of any kind quickly devolves into a "Dick Measuring Contest". Well . . . so much for the Air Warriors Debate Team - maybe in the next life. Just sayin' . . .

Steve Wilkins

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phrogpilot73 said:
You log on to Airwarriors while drunk, and proceed to post and not remember it in the morning... (I'm not the only one that's done that, am I?)
Done what? Post something stupid while drunk, wake up in the morning and not remember what you did? And then come across it later and wonder what the hell you were thinking? And then delete said post or other responses like it never happened? No, I've never done that.


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Squaw, you post so much, it is a divergent graph...

As for me, flight hours will probably always be greater than my posts :)


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Yeah even if I stopped posting right now, I'd still have to be CAG or something before the lines intersected :)
If you want hours like that then just do a TRACOM tour or three.

Trust me :)