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Prior Time

Can I do well without prior flying experience?
Absolutely! Having prior experience usually will almost never hurt you. The important thing to remember is ...the more prior experience you have, the longer it may take to break learned habits/procedures that may be in conflict with "The Navy Way"!

If you have trouble learning the "Navy Way" (especially landing pattern/touchdown techniques), you're not going to excel. Unlike the USAF/GA/Airlines, the term FLARE is a dirty word in [tactical] Naval Aviation ....excluding many-fan operators.

Personally, I've always felt that the 'value' of prior flight time was overblown. I've talked to many a Primary Instructor who have said they prefer a new flight student with a 'clean slate!

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Ten minutes after Mr. Badass is banned this guys shows up. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's the same guy and he's a troll.

Time to bring this back out-



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yup. you got it! lol. but seriously i did learn something from some of your posts. please dont feel like you wasted your time. I appreciate it. I'm probably gonna get banned now so have nice lives everyone!
You ARE a badass!

And banned...
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